About Us

Agro connect is operated by Digital Agro Connect Solutions.  It is a digital market for farm produce that uses internet and mobile technology to linkup farmers, truck owners and buyers to one another. At agro connect, we handle the logistics and supply of farm produce (mostly grains) to customers across Nigeria. Most of our agro produce are sourced from the northern part of Nigeria. Whatever the quantity of these products you require, from tens of kilogram up to tens of Tonnes, we surely can source them for you. Our goal is to remove the bottlenecks our customers face in sourcing for farm produce especially from the northern part of Nigeria. We also source and supply ginger and bitter kola for export purposes. We do business with farmers, agro-producers, agropreneurs, exporters, industries, breweries, feed mills, food production and food processing companies. Our target is to create a full fledged online market where farmers and produce buyers can trade agro produce at equitable prices. Click here to access the digital market or click here to send us a buying request. Please fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.